Finals Countdown

Don't wait for the two minute warning!

There's really no effective "hurry-up" offense to get through final exams. You need to go into them as well-prepared as possible, with a well-practiced set of strategies to get you the grades you want. 

First, answer these questions

  1. When are your final exams?
  2. What other obligations do you have over the next few weeks?
  3. How much does each exam count toward your final grade in each course?
  4. Which exams are comprehensive and which cover less material?
  5. What is your realistic goal for a grade on each exam? For each course?
  6. What types of questions will be asked on each exam? Objective or essay? Memory or application level?
  7. How much time will you need to study, review, and practice for each exam?

Now, figure out your strategies by

  • Determining what study tactics or strategies will work best for each exam

    • making and using flash cards to memorize terms or formulas
    • creating charts or matrices to show how ideas are organized and connected
    • doing practice problems in math or science
    • rewriting and summarizing notes from lecture and text for essay exams
  • Distribute your study time over the days before the finals, planning short (2-3 hour) sessions
  • Planning for practice testing or "dress rehearsal" for each exam
  • Monitoring yourself to be sure you are sticking to your plan